Meet the flower magician

Tina at Telford Florist

About Tina at Telford Florist

Tina at Telford Florist delivers beautiful flowers and gifts for every occasion that are personal and unforgettable.

Why I became a florist

While I did not enjoy spending hours hunched over a desk writing, I have always gravitated towards creative and hands-on pursuits. Growing up, my Grandad and Dad were passionate gardeners, and I loved helping them nurture vibrant flowers and vegetables. This connection to nature blossomed further thanks to our neighbour, a florist who worked from home. As a five-year-old, I would be mesmerised to watch her transform flowers and wires into stunning bouquets, which sparked a passion for floral design that I could not ignore. So, I embraced a career that combined my creativity and love for nature, allowing me to work with my hands and bring joy through the language of flowers.